Part # 2: FANO 1997, Kitetrains.

Build at: Oct.24.2000
Last update: Dezember 06, 2004
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Kitetrains are build as oneline- or directed twolinekites, too. Kitetrains always preoccupy a lot of time and work for to build them, but they bring a lot of fun, when you have finished them. The longest singlelinetrain at the meeting was out of 200 kites.

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Part # 2: Kitetrains
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With the owner of this 10th speedwing-train I´ve talked for a while. The train is out of 10 fixed kites. They are stored as a stack for transport. The size of one kite is choosen that you can build one kite out of one carbonstick. One finished stick is 33cm in length. The train is flying with 2 x 54dN Dynema and is amazing quiet and super-fast. It´s a pleasure to fly with this train.
10th Speedwin-train.  

This kitetrain is a hardwork, too. Every kite has another motive. At the top of the train (not to see in this picture) there is a bigger kite of the same type. It makes the start of the train easyer and stabilizes the flight.
  A kitetrain with motives

As I have seen the kitetrain from Bjarne Høj Madsen (best regards from here;-)), I was enthusiastic at once. 104 kites with the motive of stones, that reminds to the danish flag. As I talked with Bjarne (a mix of german, danish, english and with hands and feet) he told me that he has an own homepage in the web. There you can find the plan for this kitetrain and others.
When I held his kitetrain, it was a wonderfoul feeling to look along the dancing train into the wonderful sky.
The kitetrain from Bjarne Hoj Madsen.  

Kitetrain from a
Japanese kiter.
200 pieces!! funny ghost-train

Kitetrains are always a challenge for the kitebuilder. You must have the perseverance to build the same kite again, again and again,... But the wonderful flight silhouette is a reward for the effort and other kiters give you their acknowledgement.

The kite-performer "Willi Koch" from Nettetal, Germany, has gone another way with his kitetrain. He hasn´t build hundreds of small kites, but some very big ones for a kitetrain. Certainly, there is more place for motives on the bigger area. Willi Koch has shown his masterful abilities again.

Marvellous kitetrain with motives, designed by Willi Koch


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